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What is Turni?​

Turni is an all inclusive platform for online reservations and bookings. Turni helps users reserve a time slot in any service whether it is a bank appointment, a service at a governmental office, a time slot for prayer at a mosque or a church or even a workout at the gym. Download Turni now and you won’t have to wait inline any more. Just open the app and choose your service provider, your preferred branch, your times slot and get your appointment booked on the app with a few clicks. Turni will notify you when your turn is upcoming from the comfort of your home or office. Turni integrates with the biggest queuing providers in Egypt seamlessly so you can make sure that your turn will be honored with no change to the current queuing system… Stay safe with Turni by avoiding crowds while getting the services you need for your everyday life and business needs.

How it works for users​

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How it works for organizations

Reduce your queues and waiting areas and keep your employees and customers safe Turni works seamlessly with your queuing system, so any booking through Turni will automatically show on your queue. If you wish to take reservations, all reservations done through Turni will appear in your reservations list. If you have a queuing system, reservations will automatically be converted to tickets. If you dont have a queuing system, you can print or export the reservations list to control walk ins.

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